I’m a Digital Marketer with experience across multiple search engine and social media channels.
I am passionate digital marketer since 2011. I build my interest in online markets during my post-graduation years while studying System Management. As a graduate, I am a computer scholar but as a practitioner, I am a digital expert. My passion brought me to a stage where I achieved my doctorate in digital marketing.

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Key Areas Which Makes My Professional Life More Interesting And Meaningful
“Digital Marketing” industry is the game changer path to build relationship with trust which drives better revenue for every business.”
“Research” is a Formalised Curiosity to See What Everybody Else Has Also Seen, And to Think What Nobody Else Has Thought.
My “Corporate Training” Philosophy is to Train As Much As Hard You Can Because Other Opponent are Training Hard Too.

A Glimpse of Training Sessions

Since 2008, I have given training sessions in 7 business management and research institutes and 2 organizations.
05 Management Institutes
All these speeches was in business management institutes from various cities
02 Corporate Training
All these sessions was in large scale organizations
Within Pune city


Have a look at websites designed and developed by me and my team and also on glimpse of training sessions within various corporate or colleges by me and my team

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