I work with established agencies and organizations, as well as I provided training workshops in various management institutes.
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My Story
Hi, friends! This is Dhiraj Shirode, a passionate digital marketer since 2011. Situated in Mumbai, presently I work with a global company, Crimson Interactive Pvt. Ltd.

Having done my schooling from a town in Maharashtra, I moved to the city of digital market in the year 2010. I build my interest in online markets during my post-graduation years while studying System Management. As a graduate, I am a computer scholar but as a practitioner, I am a digital expert. My passion brought me to a stage where I achieved my doctorate in digital marketing.

During my master studies; it was tough to get an internship in System Management. Destiny had its way with me and I landed an internship with a digital agency writing a project report on the company’s “Impact of Search Engine Optimization on company’s websites.” My hard work paid off and I became a permanent employee at this company which acted as a stepping stone to my digital career. Added as a milestone in my digital career, my report was ranked among the best projects submitted to the University while receiving the appreciation for its accurate findings.

Then onwards, my passion for digital marketing grew rapidly and I found my sanctuary in working as a support system for companies’ digital footprint. In-spite of my command over digital insights, I seek to learn more and persist in searching for a greater knowledge in world’s digital pattern.

After impeccable years of working experience, I finally decided to move into my own digital marketing agency. As a beginner, I faced hurdles at every stage of my business because establishing an agency solely required an eye of knowledge for managing every departmental responsibility. Now I have acquired the understanding of running a successful professional life as per my skills and capabilities. While working as a digital consultant to my present company, I am involved in establishing and improvising my client’s digital backdrop.

With the goal to inculcate the use of digital marketing, my reach is not restricted to the growing enterprises but also to the individuals I impart trainings. My workshops are open to all individuals and companies who require understanding the intricacies and demands of the global digital market. Associated with various colleges and institutions across India, digital media students are benefitted with real-time experiences and knowledge-sharing that helps them with an understanding of the external online world. My belief to share every ounce of knowledge I hold makes me an active participant in giving lectures to our young youth of digital industry.

As a PHD in digital marketing, I studied and practiced Indian e-commerce industry—a study of mobile marketing element and development of a model marketing system—in reference to the Pune city. After doing an extensive research and development on various topics, I initiated my journey of writing and publishing the findings in journals. After multiple revisions, my very first research paper on Operating Systems was accepted and published in a local journal. With the determination to get published in an International journal, I drafted my next research with the title “Information and Communication Technology.” Giving credit to the hard work and research involved, the paper was successfully published in an International Journal. The list of successful publications escalated multi-fold after the first International journal experience.

A note to all the aspiring digital fellows, before you embark into the journey of online marketing, learn and practice to excel once you are in the industry. Everyone can enlighten themselves with my sessions on digital marketing where I speak about its strengths and weaknesses, and the career opportunities in store for young digital marketers. Be knowledgeable, motivated and a successful online marketer with the help of my digital expertise.

In coming years, I hope to see myself and my students are exceling and drawing the company success to its envisioned height.

My Qualification
01 PhD Doctorate in Philosophy - Creation of Growth Hacking Model for Newly Startup E-commerce Company (Pursuing)
02 MBA Masters in Business Administration - System Management with Minor HR Specialization
03 BCS Bachelors in Computer Science with JAVA Specialization